Sedona Quantum Wellness is the next wave in Stress-free Living and Wellness!

At Sedona Quantum Wellness we integrate the most advanced Vibrational Medicine, Electroceutical Technologies and Wellness Therapeutics with the ancient hands-on bodywork practices of Reflexology and Reiki. Our goal is to combine the best of both worlds to help our clients reach their optimum state of natural health.

We give you hope and peace of mind by taking a natural approach to healing and rejuvenation. We work with the full-body, mind, and spirit in our practice – because we know each body system works together synergistically.

We provide cutting edge technologies including Vibrational Energy Medicine and Sound and Light therapies to take your healing journey to a whole new level.

We begin our consultation with the Zyto scan health analysis, then we customize your program of services to focus on your individual needs.

Dr. Lori Smiskol will be a featured speaker at the Conscious Life Expo, February 10 in Los Angeles.

Dr. Lori Smiskol will be a featured speaker at the upcoming BioMed Expo, March 24 – 26 in Los Angeles.

Helping others to heal naturally without pain meds and surgery

During your in-depth consultation, we customize your program to work with the best holistic therapies suggested for what your body is calling for.  When addressing pain and inflammation, the Wellness Pro will be incorporated. The Wellness Pro is an FDA cleared medical device that helps our clients reduce and eliminate pain and inflammation without the need for meds or surgery.

What to expect during your initial session

We begin our consultation with an in-depth health analysis of your past medical history and lifestyle choices. We also use our high-tech Zyto Bio-scan for an in-deph health analysis and bio-survey that indicates treatments and modalities that are most beneficial for you. Then we triangulate our findings from the Bio-scan by doing additional analysis with Iridology, Face Tongue, and Nails analysis and then follow up with a Reflexology analysis of all body systems. We also provide Flower Essence(s) to deal with any emotional issues you might be carrying – and not even realize. This detailed analysis provides an accurate assessment of your current state which allows a detailed and comprehensive customized program of services to focus on your individual needs.

About Dr. Lori Smiskol


Imagine Living Stress Free and Pain-Free again! It can be your reality too! Dr. Lori Smiskol BCND, CNHP, PMA is a Traditional Naturopath, Electroceuticals Practitioner, Certified Reflexologist and Bio-Energetic Practitioner. She specializes in Vibrational Medicine and Therapies to help her clients live Pain-Free and with reduced or no inflammation.

People are Talking

The Wellness Pro Plus really helped my knee pain.

“I was treated by Lori with reflexology and the Wellness Pro Plus she has in her practice. The Wellness Pro Plus really helped my knee pain. I was able to play 3 hours of pickleball the next day without any pain in my surgically repaired knee. The reflexology treatment also gave me added energy throughout the day and I felt it elevated my mood immediately after and lasted all day. I definitely would recommend it!”

Joe S, Granbury, TX, JLS Designs Owner

I felt amazing afterward!

“I went to Lori Smiskol for a reflexology health analysis today. It was very informative and I felt amazing afterward! I learned a lot of good information on body systems I need to support! I highly recommend her for those who want to use preventative measures to protect their health! She has a lot of other options available as well to analyze your deficiencies you need to take care of.”

Carla McCain, Weatherford, TX, Lemongrass Distributor

I love the Wellness Pro

“Doctor told me I was bone on bone in the knees and that I would need knee and hip replacement. After just one session with Lori, I already have no pain in my knees! And one half of my pain in my hip was gone. Now I have had 3 sessions, still have no pain in my knees, and now no pain in my hips. I love the Wellness Pro and now treat myself with my own at home!”

Jerry Shafer, Lipan, TX, Retired

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We have helped thousands of people

Sedona Quantum Wellness can help give you hope once again and peace of mind to a more natural approach. We deal with the full-body, mind, and spirit when we work with you because we know each body system works synergistically together not separate.